Teresa Greve Wolf


Teresa Greve-Wolf is a Chilean American Artist, who lives and works in Granger, Indiana. Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Teresa came to the United States four decades ago. Her works reflect the flavor of her homeland culture while embracing the influences of the country she now calls home. She journeyed to the United States with her husband who came to study at University of California, Berkeley. However, during their stay here, a military uprising occurred in her beloved Chile, and an Army General took power and became a ruthless dictator. This forced them to stay longer, until they found their life was now in a new land.

Best known for her use of bold color and strong brush strokes, Teresa has evolved as an artist whose works demonstrate her mastery of the acrylic paint medium. Her expressive landscapes dance, canvases of bright and bold flowers impress, dramatic mountains intrigue, all whispering the influences of Cezanne, Kandinsky, Karl Marc, and Gauguin. Although her uplifting florals both please the eye and command a room, we see versatility throughout her collection. Several of her works, including multicolored fisherman's boats and Southern Chilean landscapes pay homage to her native homeland, while other pieces break away from the calm to make dramatic statements on the struggles of modern immigration and her own experiences of a life up ended when she had to reinvent herself in the United States.

Art Statement

My artwork insistently reflects my keen interest in bold colors, strong lines, and constantly challenging the creative process. In my paintings, I innovatively render and re-interpret diverse subject matter drawing upon a wide array of aesthetic approaches, mark-making techniques, and visual sources.  A large portion of my artistic production involves crafting series of works that are focused on the same subject or variations of a theme. This approach allows me to revisit the selected place, person, object or idea at the epicenter of my inspiration in a mode that addresses my relationship to the subject in terms of temporality, emotion, and sensory experience. At the same time, each piece is infused with my personal interpretation and signature style, immersing the viewer in the rich palette of colors and daring brushstrokes that makes my work instantly recognizable. In this way, my artistic practice serves as a vibrant visual record, cognizant of the fact that even as one's subjects shift and change, each artwork embodies the essence of interpretation and individual expression.