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Teresa Greve Wolf


Painting on large-scale canvases, often created by connecting multiple canvases together, Teresa Greve Wolf urges viewers to stop and take notice of the cause at hand. Her story draws the viewer in, and the issues she paints are very real. It is through her art she uses her voice in hope for positive change. Many of her pieces use mix media to emphasize and create another layer to her story. In her most recent piece, “Threatening Beauty,” Teresa uses a plastic film to create the waves of the ocean to emphasize how we are masking this global issue. In her piece “Women. Life. Freedom”, she incorporates fabrics, collaged imagery of women living in Iran, and a Hijab hanging from the canvas to call attention to recent human rights issues and current events.

Her use of bright bold colors is another way she tries to connect with the viewer. In her piece, “I can’t breathe,” she uses color to grab the viewers’ attention and creates a dramatic picture of the death of George Floyd. She paints bloody broken letters of Justice to re-emphasize how our system and our global society is desperately in need of change.

Her calling for change comes from living during the reign of Augusto Pinochet. Born in Santiago, Chile, Teresa and her husband left the country right around the time he came into power. Teresa states, “This was a difficult time for many because they could not speak their truth without mysteriously disappearing or getting thrown in jail.” Many of her pieces depict the struggles of the Chilean people during this time as well as her own struggles of missing her homeland. 

Art Statement

My artwork insistently reflects my keen interest in bold colors, strong lines, and constantly challenging the creative process. In my paintings, I innovatively render and re-interpret diverse subject matter drawing upon a wide array of aesthetic approaches, mark-making techniques, and visual sources.  A large portion of my artistic production involves crafting series of works that are focused on the same subject or variations of a theme. This approach allows me to revisit the selected place, person, object or idea at the epicenter of my inspiration in a mode that addresses my relationship to the subject in terms of temporality, emotion, and sensory experience. At the same time, each piece is infused with my personal interpretation and signature style, immersing the viewer in the rich palette of colors and daring brushstrokes that makes my work instantly recognizable. In this way, my artistic practice serves as a vibrant visual record, cognizant of the fact that even as one's subjects shift and change, each artwork embodies the essence of interpretation and individual expression.

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